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The Helpful Trumping of the Republican Party

Why Anti-GOP Media Badly Want Others to Dump on Trump



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The Trump Lifts All Boats

CBS Beauties in Fits


Media and Bush GOP

Have it Backwards


Since our recent Special Election 2016 Alert issue, we have gotten some more questions about our view of “the Donald,” which prompts us to further put off the next full regular issue coming up, and do a brief follow-up on that 2016 forecast.


So far, we have agreed with most everyone not an ardent supporter of billionaire Donald Trump that he will not be the 2016 Republican nominee for president, much less the next president of the United States of America.  It is a bit jarring to the senses to imagine the man as the Commander in Chief of what is still the world’s most powerful nation.  Then again, it could be worse.  The Mongols had Genghis Khan and the Romans had Caligula.  So, there has been some advance.


While we do not foresee his eventual victory, we also do not think that he will easily or quickly vanish from the scene.  Mr. Trump has secured a solid portion of the electorate – and not just Republicans – precisely for the actions that he is faulted for by the mainstream media and the Republican establishment: his refusal to bow down before either of them.   Neither of these groups has a grasp of the depth of anger of the rank and file at the Republican Party’s leadership over its apparent impotence over marriage laws, illegal immigration, and the protection of freedom of conscience (most people think of this last one as a religious freedom issue, but as we have said before in UWFR issues of June 10 and of July 19, it is critically larger than that).


I Can’t Hear You!…


Since the Friday after the debate in Cleveland premiering Mr. Trump’s debating skills, the mainstream media – no friend to conservatives – has been working very hard to get other Republicans to condemn Mr. Trump’s words and to get them to distance themselves from him explicitly.  In the CBS This Morning show, the beautiful anchorette Norah O’Donnell (one of the many stunningly beautiful women ironically featured on the CBS feminist advocacy program) regularly expresses frustrated disbelief with any Republican candidate that does anything less than scold Mr. Trump in the strongest possible terms. 


First up was Ohio Governor John Kasich, who after being pushed by Mrs. O’Donnell to put more daylight between him and Mr. Trump since he did not appear to do so to her satisfaction, had to stammer back:


No, no, no, no, no. Of course it's not [okay how Trump spoke about some women]. Everybody knows that – I'm just acknowledging the fact that the guy has hit a nerve. I didn't tell you I approve of everything he's doing.


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The Ideal Republican Candidate

- For the Democrats


Mrs. O’Donnell finally let up, but picked up the tack again with subsequent Republican candidates the following week.  By the way, Mrs. O’Donnell praised Gov. Kasich for “bucking” his own party on an issue dear to the left, so why not do more of that, Governor?  Is it not obvious that the perfect Republican candidate for the super-feminist, model-perfect looks Mrs. O’Donnell is one that bucks the Republican Party in every way possible? He wisely did not bite.


Of course, Mrs. O’Donnell has not been alone in this intense concern with how much other candidates condemn Mr. Trump.  For example, CNN ran a story titled “Ted Cruz declines to denounce Trump's McCain comments”. 


The Reptile Weeps


Why the media angst heavily mixed in with the indignation over any refusal, or even hesitation, to turn on Mr. Trump? They routinely talk of the damage Mr. Trump is doing to the GOP brand, and not a few Bushian Republicans agree.   But these are crocodile tears, and those Republicans who are conned into blasting Mr. Trump are fools.  Senator Ted Cruz has been uniquely savvy in his approach: to state his position positively, and avoid the lure to alienate potential future supporters.


What really has the left-leaning mainstream media very agitated about Mr. Trump and his poll resiliency in the wake of their outrage over his comments is the exposure of their impotence.  And, like the Arab Spring that spread once Arabs everywhere saw that one of their dictators could actually fall, the mainstream media fear a similar unbuckling of their normally total control over what can and cannot be said.  And, it is this more than anything else that is driving his support. This is a very serious problem for them.  One only had to look at Mrs. O’Donnell’s face when talking to Gov. Kasich (regrettably, the clip linked in the previous paragraphs does not show her most obvious expressions of frustration which preceded and followed our quote here of Gov. Kasich – CBS, perhaps wisely, did not include that in the clip they made available to other news sources).


The Not as Extreme?


Worse, Mr. Trump actually helps other Republican candidates that the mainstream media pundits and reporters would at this time be targeting with their harshest language. Instead, the likes of Texas Senator Cruz, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and former Governor Mike Huckabee are now not credibly lumped in with the same adjectives used on Mr. Trump.


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The Running of the Bulls


In short, Donald Trump’s brash, bull-in-a-china-shop candidacy is a boon to the Republican Party – so long as he does not run as a third party candidate as we said in our last issue (this is why the other Republicans would do well to treat him with great care).  He is bringing attention to the Republican candidates as he did in last week’s highest-rated televised primary debate in history.  Candidates like Ms. Carly Fiorina, and others that were being overlooked by the media in general, got a very helpful bump in the polls.  The establishment candidate, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, did not (we forecast in our February 6 issue he would not do well in this race), and this is also good for the Republican Party.  Lastly, once Mr. Trump is out of the race and does not run as a third party candidate (this is the one uncertainty in our forecast), the eventual nominee will not suffer for Mr. Trump having been in the process, but will gain by Mr. Trump’s having pulled the pants down (or iifted the skirts up) of the media’s role as arbiter of what is politically viable speech.


As we said before on our Twitter account, and further clarified in our last issue, we believe Trump has peaked, but his support will remain steady.  However, his frontrunner status is due primarily to the pooling of the protest vote under the sole wild bull in the china shop.  However, 75% of the other Republican voters see the wisdom in supporting a more disciplined bull, and as some of those candidates begin to winnow out of the race, that 75% will begin to coalesce under one of those remaining bulls (and not under the docile longhorn the party establishment is trying to sell the Republican primary voters).


Check, Check, Check,…


Over two years ago, when the mainstream media was all agog over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a GOP 2016 frontrunner, we said that would not happen.  He is in the back, and falling.  Check.  We said in our February 6 issue of this year that Rand Paul will not win, and Jeb Bush was going to fare worse than predicted, and re-stated that in our last issue – and both are now weakening.   Check.  In that February 6 issue we also said Texas Governor Rick Perry’s candidacy would go nowhere.  Check.  In our April 7 issue we said Senator Cruz would rise.  Check. 


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