Friday, December 25, 2015 - Volume 6, Number 15

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Christmas Makes No Sense on its Face

Still, We Believe







The Strange Power of the Call to Surrender the Self


If one in the simple body of a man, with arms and legs like yours and mine, with the voice of a mere human, could revolutionize the whole world with a new understanding of faith, of forgiveness, of judgment, and compassion, so that in 300 years He brought the empire that struck Him down to kneel before His sacrifice and Word; and so that in 2,000 years His teachings of forgiveness and compassion became so embedded in every concept of morality we know today that people often do not even realize they are echoing Him at every moment;  does not tell us,  maybe just hint to us, something about who we are?


No matter how you look at it, it says something uniquely and mysteriously beautiful about the human race.  Against all greed for power, fame, and prestige, against every instinct for advancement of the self over pain and loss, the Word persists. That humans do these things that cannot be explained by the laws of self-propagation or material gain, does not make sense on its face, unless you look for a different understanding of what it means to be human.


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We cannot tell you that we know as an observable fact what God will do; what His ultimate plan is for you or me, or the whole of creation.  We cannot tell you that we have definitive proof that within all of it, in the crucible of every horrific and anonymous sacrifice, in the surrender of the self in every act of love or simple compassion for a stranger, that there is an ultimate meaning, an ultimate reality that transcends the men and women who lower themselves, even let themselves be taken down, so that others may be lifted up.


We cannot offer evidence that in their surrender, often thanked by no one, soon forgotten by all, something amazingly beautiful is born that becomes, for all places and for all time, like an ever-living, ever-lasting diamond in the memory of God; and that every being of goodwill that ever was or ever will be, is, was, and will be somehow uplifted in the whole of a Holy creation.  We can’t tell you we have proof of any of that.  But, we can tell you this: We believe it.


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We believe it as sure as we believe there are stars in the sky and oceans that cover the face of the earth.  We believe it like we believe the sun of the day follows the moon of the night and the night again follows day.  We believe it like we believe today we are alive and one day we will die.


But more than that, we believe it like we believe in the possibility of the imperfect and troubled, that is everyone of our kind, to reach beyond themselves, above themselves, and to even just once, step into moments of Holy perfection that will never die; like we believe in the holy possibility of every life on earth.


Whatever you believe, we at UWFR ask that you believe in this:  That we wish you all the blessings of joy and comfort this new year 2016 can offer.  And beyond those blessings, we ask for your faith in this:  That we believe in the sweet and wonderful possibilities of every one of you.


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