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As Forecast: Clinton Seeks Distance Between Her and Obama

We Told You So - and Other Forecasts Revisited





Past Forecasts Unfolding

Clinton Candidacy Unquestioned

Clinton Election, Not


And so It Begins as Foretold


As we started divining our forecast for Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential prospects as far back as March 9, 2013, we began with the central concept that strong opposition to a Clinton presidency exists within the Democratic party itself.  In our May 28, 2013 UWFR issue, we followed up our assessment of Mrs. Clinton’s chances with this observation:


As popular as Hillary Clinton is today among Americans, people forget that not long ago she was a polarizing figure disliked by even many Democrats - a politician with very high negatives.  She became popular, in our view, precisely because of her aura of competency and strength (ruthlessness?).  What will happen if the curtain is pulled just a bit, and people get a clear glimpse of what’s really behind this political wizard that has for the last twenty years managed to overcome every political scandal, debacle, and charge [“box cars of (incriminating) baggage” as someone put it in 2008]? 


In our February 10, issue of this year we said, “…Clintonites will seek ways to put distance between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama reign.”  In that same issue we posited the Democratic candidacy of Senator Elizabeth Warren.  We got some feedback from some of our friends ridiculing this assertion.  But, UWFR was right.  To wit: New York Post story published Sunday confirms Senator Warren may very well be poised, by other Democrats, to run against the apparent heir.  You, as a UWFR reader, saw it here first.


Lastly, and most recently, in our June 23 issue we said “Allies of Hillary Clinton will try to put the word out through news stories that Secretary Clinton was often in disagreement with the President, and will damage Barack Obama’s reputation as much as is necessary.” 


Here we are, just two weeks later, with The Wall Street Journal’s front-page story of yesterday.



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Wall Street Journal Front Page on July 7, 2014

UWFR readers with good memory would find nothing new in this front-page story.





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Other Past Forecasts


We report this, as we are aware that many of our readers forget our forecasts.  We have gotten several requests for a way to look back at past forecasts, and their outcomes.  We are working on this now, and hope to have something in this vein in the next couple of months.


In the meantime, as a brief review of our track record, here are some other critical forecasts that UWFR got right before anyone else, (or contrary to everyone else).


February 2011 on Facebook, we forecast the implosion of Rick Perry’s presidential candidacy eight months before he entered the race.  In January 2012, he withdrew after his candidacy imploded.


We forecast the re-election of Barack Obama in November of 2010, in the wake of the Republican midterms election sweep, when all others talked about a national ideological realignment (not least among conservative pundits).


In our January 18, 2013 issue, when all were fawning over Governor Chris Christie and of his leading presidential chances for 2016, we said this:


The media, particularly of the mainstream left, have delighted in reporting on the rise of this erstwhile conservative Republican bugaboo.  Will he be the next heavy-hitter of the Republican Party?  Will he make the Tea Party heel?  Will he become president, with his no-nonsense, putting-fellow-Republicans-in-their-place rectitude?  We think not.


Within a year, our guess about his likely darker personality traits as explained in that same issue became news to the nation.


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In February of this year we said the gender-neutral bathrooms would soon be brought to our readers, and three months later the issue became a very hot topic at our own Houston city hall.


We spoke in our issues of last fall about the declining Obama presidency, and the rise of dangerous world instability. 


Our forecasts of the outcome of the 2012 presidential debates were very close to the actual outcome.


In our June 29, 2013 issue we discussed the rise of hyperbolic rage within the GBLT movement.   On April 3 of this year, Andrew Sullivan, the father of the gay marriage movement blasted the GBLT zealots who were ‘hounding heretics’ of the GBLT orthodoxy.


This is a small sample of our record.  We are successful at this because we do not allow ideology to cloud our mission. Nor do we value cheap sensationalism, or page clicks and ‘views’ generated by hyperbolic and inflammatory rhetoric, over making sure we deliver the most accurate and objective assessments, and making sure every fact we relay is true.  We hope this means something to you.


But, we do need the clicks and views. If the above does mean something to you, please help us out, and share.




Our forecast record cannot be beat.  One can follow the herd chasing the latest hyperbolic, melodramatic, and soon-forgotten micro-trend on Facebook and Twitter, or one can be wisely and judiciously in front of it with UWFR. 


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