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WARNING: Uncensored, Hardcore, Liberal-Progressive Enlightment on Display

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A Word of Caution

Before you click on the picture…


A word of caution on what you are about to see, once you click on the picture on the right.  Once you go through those doors, you will have one last chance to go back before you pass the digital gates into a grotesque and primeval humanity.  After that, you may need to keep a barf bag handy.


You will see people (mostly males), from the young to the very old, masturbating and having sex in public, by themselves and in groups.  You will see people urinating into the mouths of others.  And, you will see parents with children of all ages, from babies in their strollers to young boys old enough to be horrified, taking them to see it all.  What you will also find is how widespread this has become, with almost no news reporting on it.


“It’s pretty nasty because a lot of people here are naked,” said a 10-year old boy at one of these street fairs, as quoted in a report from a San Francisco publication called the Golden Gate Express.  Reportedly he had been taken to the same sex street festival for the last six years (up to the date of the report) by his mother.  It would appear the mother’s indoctrination to ‘be accepting of the nakedness of others and their open expression of their sexuality, to not judge,’ was not working, despite her clearly diligent efforts.


In the same report a gay male couple was interviewed as they showed off their two-year-old toddler twin girls dressed in black leather and lace, to see all the ‘sexcitement.’  In their words, they wanted to “expose” their “children” to “diversity.”  Guaranteed: these are there-are-no-gender-differences, pro-unisex bathroom, enlightened folks.


Hilarously, one young public masturbator seemingly suddenly turned into a modest fuddy-duddy at the sight of little kids gazing at his erect member while he stroked it, and objected to their presence.  He said “why do (these people) bring kids here?” It would seem he found his modesty bar, between the bottom of his bouncing testicles and the top of a little girl’s head.  Up to then he seemed loaded with courage.  Too bad he could not maintain it.


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Leftist GBLT Religious Tolerance on Display.  Many of the same folks who scream about hate and intolerance over some silly words from an ignorant man from the Duck Dynasty television show, or because of the minority non-representation in a Jerry Seinfled skit, resort to claims of freedom of expression when they want to express what they think about Christians (and apparently Buddists too) through the use of sex toys in the form of religious figures.  With thousands attending, not a single GBLT person, or any other, seemed to object.  We repeat: There are people that consider their view of a boundary-free, genderless sexuality as advanced and, of course, “progressive.”


All photos are original work from ZombieTime.com, republished here under ZombieTime’s rules. For more photos that expose the full extent of the anti-modesty extremism, click on the photo.  WARNING: ZombieTime.com’s archive contains disturbingly graphic and explicit images, and depicts many acts not suitable for viewing by minors.





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In our review of other related blogs and websites commenting or reporting on these events, we found various remarks from clearly advanced beings of superior intelligence explaining the high wisdom of exposing children to adult nudity on the streets, and even public sex acts, to teach them to be “unashamed” of their bodies and their sexuality.  Others berated nudists for being such Victorian prudes when it came to erect male sex organs and open sex.  Why be a furtive child molester, when you can just surround yourself with progressive parents who will volunteer their children to be your audience?


To its credit, the organized Houston GBLT leadership, to date, has not permitted this kind of crude and hateful expression at official events.  But, even in Houston, the attitudes shown here do pervade much of the thinking in the GBLT and liberal-progressive communities, as evidenced by posts in social media sites, blog, and even mainstream publications.


As ZombieTime.com might put it, if you are angry that these photos make GBLT and  liberal-progressivism look bad, do not blame the messenger. And before you let any liberal-progressive put you on the defensive with “this is not representative,” setting aside the thousands that attend these events, ask them how many men in white sheets or with posters saying “God hates fags” would they consider acceptable? Ask them to make plain to you where they draw the line.  Then, have them put it in writing.


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Putting this out is not to deny that there are opposite, conservative, extremes, for there are (more on that comes next time).  But, extreme is extreme, and we don’t care what side it is on.


You may further explore the ZombieTime website for more photographic documentary on the progressive left.  It is like poking your head through a looking-glass porthole, and finding a sea of mind-numbing depravity that stretches endlessly from horizon to horizon. 


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