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The Heroism of the Vulgar and Indecent

Middle Fingers, Good Press, and Genital Crosses





By Mark Eastman


FU Cancer (and FU, Old Heroism)


The new “FU Cancer” campaign (like many others now including some fully spelling out the words) has taken the virtuous cause of fighting a dreadful disease, and made it a vehicle for excusing the widespread use by all of rough language and obscene gestures, even by small children.  This approach is celebrated by invitations extended to the campaign designers to appear on national TV shows, and audiences that enthusiastically applaud the lengths people are willing to go, and the conventional norms they are willing to upend, to do a good deed (Are you conventional?  Mindful of other people’s sensibilities? How droll and prudish!).


In our emotion-driven, attention-greedy society, where moral codes of self-restraint and public decorum are not only ignored, but actually maligned, anything (really, it seems anything) done in the name of a cause that makes people feel good about themselves is not only okay, it should be elevated to the status of heroism.  Compare that to the public praise we give for fallen soldiers.  But, soldiers who die or are disabled saving comrades in faraway places are only mildly interesting.  Are you an entertainer with talent, fame, money, got to do everything you wanted, and died because of self-destructive drug abuse?  How self-giving and heroic! Flags at half-mast for a month!  Flags at half-mast for a dead soldier?  Well, is it Memorial Day?  Did he do a video?  Did it get lots of hits?  But, I digress.


In the spirit of today’s vanishing mores and evermore topsy-turvy definition of heroism and virtue, here are some other campaigns that could be pitched as very effective at getting attention. (Again, doesn’t that justify everything?  “So what if I was crude? Look at how much attention it got!”)  These ideas will put you in the front lines of the ‘out-of-the-box,’ free-thinking, widely-admired anti-establishment innovators for about 20 minutes.  I have taken elements of things already being done on the Internet, so don’t think it’s too far-fetched:


S**t on AIDS!


In this campaign, everyone takes a picture of their excrement carefully placed on posters and other items with the word “AIDS.” Or, for the more “courageous” (as hedonists, libertines, and the avant-garde-minded define courageous), folks can take a picture or video of themselves actively defecating on the words, and post it on Facebook or wherever, and share, share, share.  It’s inarguably a strong expression of your derision against AIDS.  Show mom, show sis’, show all just how good you are by how much you are willing to degrade yourself to get attention for the benefit of others.  And, if you are into scat and always wanted the chance to “do” your thing in public under the umbrella of a good cause, now you can – it’s a win-win!  Take a page from the news anchors of the Today show, and discuss in detail your defecating process, or have national coverage of the inner works of your intestines.  You could have additional slogans like “Just DO it!” and “The more the smellier!”  If you are the organizing leader, or maybe just very prolific, you WILL get invited to every national TV interview show!


Parkinson’s is an A** hole!!


What a jerk this disease is, right?  And what better, more ‘in-your-face’, ‘with it’, ‘getting real’, ‘down-with-the-folks’ way is there to make this point than referring to this orifice?  For the stuffier, stick-in-the-mud fuddy-duddies, in this milder and gentler campaign you don’t have to actually defecate, just place a picture of your anus and go atwitter with it on social media!  Much more polite.  Have everyone, (friends, co-workers, grandma) vote for the angriest, nastiest anus.  Do you have a large, hairy, elderly uncle?  Recruit his *ss!  That’ll show just what we think of Parkinson’s!  And, of course, it will attract and suck attention with the power of a black hole. Guaranteed attention-getter!!


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Images from the FU Cancer campaign.




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MD, We’re C*ming for You!!!


In solidarity against muscular dystrophy (MD), this would be an orgasmically fun campaign for the obviously large number of shamelessly generous exhibitionists we are now so fortunate to have everywhere, what with all the hoochie-mama wannabees, boys wearing their pants around their knees for maximum exposure of their rears, and the young (and not so young) everywhere fixated on naked self-portraits. (“Hello miss, my name is Anthony and I couldn’t help but notice from across the ballroom how lovely you are. Would you like to see my latest penis pic?  I promise, it’s huge”).  We could have “MD Assocation C*mathons” where large numbers of young men take a usually secret boyhood indiscretion with friends, and turn it into a massive, united public display in protest against MD as they ejaculate in unison on YouTube.  They may have to practice a few times to synchronize, but hey, these young people will do ANYTHING for attention…er, I mean, a good cause; they will no doubt take on the needed stiff, hard work to make this happen.


Call upon your sons and nephews, maybe even your husbands and dads, to show just what they will put out to protest MD. If they resist joining, you can tell them how mean and selfish their ridiculously prudish attitudes really are for keeping them from giving of themselves for such a noble cause.  Side benefit: think of all the porn money so many otherwise furtive folks will save while being so good paying testimony to the c*mathoners valiant, creamy sacrifice for the greater good.  And, of course, it’s all a sure bet for attention, attention, attention!!!


Oh, yes, the edgy, media-hogging, in-your-face, boundary-pushing possibilities in this brave new world are just wickedly endless!


We’re Already There, Here


After I wrote the first draft of this commentary, the news media reported on a woman celebrated as a hero by many on the far Left for her brave, courageous, noble protest against Catholicism by wearing a pope-like hat and half-shirt while completely naked otherwise, and with the exposed genital area sporting a cross formed by her shaved pubic hair.  Fifty years ago, no one would have defended this except the loony.  Now, easily 20% think it’s wonderful, and another 20% would rather condemn the nearest conservative than her.  Most everyone else is silent, and the few who object are charged as intolerant bigots.


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Loud Suffering is Not Virtue


I have seen people die of AIDS and die of cancer.  It is a terrifying and horribly painful experience.  The ones I knew weren’t part of any big media campaign, or even spent much time, if any, telling everyone else about their suffering.  I don’t ever want to personally encounter those killers again, but I probably will.  I also know that many people suffer in terrible ways that are not seen at all by others – they suffer quietly and without demanding attention.  That is why I decline to make judgments about who deserves the most deference just based on what disease they announce they have.  Instead, I believe one should simply be the kind of person that offers help, sympathy and compassion when possible.  I don’t, however, feel obliged to go along with any coarse behavior just because the person asking me is or was ill – especially when it comes from strangers I don’t even know.  One person’s illness and misfortune does not give him or her rights over another’s sense or determination of right and wrong.


The Underrated Little Virtues


Let’s be clear.  We are not talking about a spontaneous, momentary reaction by someone who is understandably angry at a disease, nor are we talking about private indiscretions.  We are talking about planned and considered campaigns to spread and promote as much as possible particular, generally offensive behaviors under the cloak of sympathy or just causes. Do you really believe, upon the success, or even mere acceptance of these campaigns, that there won’t be a follow-up by someone else to take it to the next boundary?  If your answer is still ‘yes’ after watching what has happened to movies, music, literature, schools, the stability of families, and even simple manners between people of different views over the last forty years, then it will always be ‘yes.’


Even small virtues have their value and purpose.  Beware of those who try to undermine them under the banner of a greater virtue.  Just like a reverse of the “Broken Windows” theory, you start taking out the small pieces at the bottom and, though you may not see it for awhile, eventually the big pieces fall.





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