Thursday, October 4, 2012 - Volume 3, Number 9

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First Presidential Debate Educational, Uneventful

President and Romney Face Off to Slight Romney Advantage


The debates last night featured two men of great intellect and earnest seriousness, which was a benefit to the republic, but especially for those willing and informed enough to learn more about some specifics of the candidates’ economic and safety-net public policies.   Moreover, it was a meeting of equals, the mere appearance of which is more to the benefit of the challenger.  Among these two equals, both able and knowledgeable debaters, Gov. Mitt Romney would appear to have edged out President Barak Obama in gaining the upper hand in the debates – not particularly surprising for a challenger fresh of a grueling set of debate matches facing a sitting president who has not debated anyone in four years.  But if that was so, it was a slight advantage.  Otherwise, there was no knockout punch, no misstep, no particularly defining moment, or repeatable line.  All in all, the debate perfectly encapsulated the calm and carefully studied personalities of the two men.


Some experts say debates don’t usually sway elections much, though others point to the famous rejoinder from the then Gov. Reagan to the then President Jimmy Carter in the 1980 debates, “There you go again…” as one instance where that may have happened.  Others refer to Al Gore’s insufferable eye-rolling and heavy sighing in the 2000 debates as another possible tipping point.  Either way, this first match up won’t move anyone already committed, and is unlikely to firm up but an insignificantly small number of wavering votes for Gov. Romney.  Remember, in 1984, Mondale trounced the great Ronald Reagan in the first of the two debates, and in the second managed a draw.  Reagan won by a landslide.


We predict more fun with the Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan debate.



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