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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Obama’s Vacillation – Dictator’s Salvation

Leadership Vacuum Left by America Will Doom Libyans


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has gotten the memo; there will be no American led effort on behalf of the Libyan people (or anyone, for that matter).  While the cases of Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia, and Yemen may have posed some serious dilemmas for any American administration, the dithering over the clear-cut case of Libya is an unambiguous signal of the Obama administration’s renunciation of any special world leadership role for the United States.  Fitting, since Barak Obama is the first American president to NOT be identified as the world’s most powerful man in Forbe’s annual survey – that honor went to the president of China (while the honor may be premature given America’s still vastly greater power, it speaks volumes of how people see trends, and how they see current U.S. leadership projection). 


Early morally energetic talk by Secretary of State Clinton has now been replaced by a corporate-speak clarification that ANY decisions and initiatives “must” come from the international community.  As noted recently on PBS’s News Hour program, Lt. Gen David Deptula (Ret.), there must be meetings, consultations, “end-state” determinations, and all sorts of analysis that must be done with the African Union, NATO, the United Nations, our Arab (dictatorships) allies, the European Union, ad nauseum.  And, as his fellow invited commentator Libyan civil rights activist Omar Tubir pointed out, “what I am hearing is ‘do nothing.’”  Yes, Mr. Tubir, you have correctly identified the plan.


This plan has been tried before, always with the same abject ‘success.’  Pity.  Rarely does the United States get such an opportunity to stand on the side of its principles, with such limited downsides, and such huge potential upsides.  If the U.S. will not impose a no-fly zone over a strategically important, tottering, friendless (even in the Arab world) anti-American dictatorship, with the people, even in other Arab countries, clamoring for American support, it won’t anywhere.  This sign of petrification of American power has energized Ghadafi’s forces and other dictators across the region (Bahrain, Yemen).  The answer for staying in power: Don’t be a Mubarak, do whatever you have to do.


Is a reversal possible?  Unlikely, but President Bill Clinton was convinced to reverse policy in 1995 in Bosnia by his Vice President Al Gore, after 250,000 dead, and years of endless discussions and no action from the international leadership.  Without waiting for U.N. authorization, American military forces assisted the Croatians and Bosnians, and quickly ended the Slobodan Milosevic’s murderous rampage.  Predictions from the pacifist far left and isolationist far right of disaster and thousands of American casualties proved completely wrong.  There are now several major avenues in Bosnia and Kosovo named after Bill Clinton.


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