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Ultrapolis Weekly Forecast & Review – Primary Election Endorsement Briefs

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Texas Governor


Rick Perry – While we don’t have anything particularly nice to say about Gov. Perry, the alternatives are less appealing.  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is an even match for the governor in general political temperament and ideological leanings, and neither can be accused of being particularly visionary or intellectually thoughtful.  Still, Senator Hutchison is the more mediocre mind of the two.  As for Ms. Debra Medina, her musings on the government’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks render her not-yet prepared for the seriousness of high office.



Bill White – Easily the superior candidate of the crowded lot.  As Houston mayor, Mr. White has shown himself to be a competent administrator, with some concept of the big picture, a quality sorely lacking in the overwhelming majority of our elected officials these days.  The remaining Democratic candidates have either a narrow, small-issue candidacy pre occupied with narrow issues, like casino gambling; or are Quixotic idealist and ideologues with little meaningful political experience.


Texas Congressional District 18


Brenda Page – The difference between the candidates in this race is small, and we are almost at the ‘six dozen of the one, or half dozen of the other’ point here.  Nonetheless, Brenda Page’s position statements indicate a slightly elevated look at the issues we face today, a grasp of history, and more than the usual boilerplate Republican platform.  On the other hand, John Faulk’s positions are more clearly stated, and more closely align with ours (with some important exceptions).  Tex Christopher’s positions are almost identical to Mr. Faulk’s but Faulk, comes across as the more mature of the two (he is semi-retired).  All in all, all three are fairly matched, but we put in our chips with Ms. Page.



Sheila Jackson Lee – We hate to say this, but Ms. Lee still stacks up better then the candidates running against her.  Jarvis Johnson offers nice talk with little specifics, and Sean Roberts, who offers even less policy specifics, seems to think that his best asset is his prowess as a trial attorney.  If there’s one thing we don’t need more of in our legislatures, it is trial attorneys.




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