German Nazis overrun all of Yugoslavia. Immediately two separate and mutually hostile resistance groups emerge. The royalist Serbian Chetniks, and the leftist Partisans (anti-Nazi non-Serbs and Pan-Yugoslav Communists) led by Josip Broz 'Tito,' a Croat. The Partisans defeat the Chetniks, and effectively harrass the Nazis, winning Allied support. During this period, many Croats see the Nazis as liberators, and collaborate with the Nazis against underground resistance, particularly against Serb patriots. A Nazi puppet kingdom is established in Croatia under the control of the Ustase. The Ustase oversees the murder of thousands of Serbs and Jews as well as of Tito Partisans.

October: The Russians and the Partisans free Belgrade from the Nazis. Two million Yugoslavs, out of a population of 16 million, died in the war.

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